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* This project thema is "Reframing II

Photo arts with SDGs".

Reframing is the act of altering perspectives and frameworks without changing the essence of events. In the realm of us, photographic artists, it's a standard practice to select the best printing media to achieve the finest artwork. This had been the norm for a while, and it was a time that sufficed.

However, the technological advancements of the past few decades have brought about tremendous improvements in high-resolution photographic equipment and printers that are accessible to everyone. The variety and quantity of these tools have increased to an extent previously unimaginable. Given this landscape, I thought it was time for those of us who are on the cutting edge to think about the global environment and make some proposals.

Let's reshape the old standards! The fundamental objective in the world of photographic art is "to create the best possible works." Until now, this best might have focused on printing media and color representation, to maximize the appeal of the artwork. In this work, we shift our focus towards what "best" should mean in the future. Through the lens of Reframing, altering perspectives and approaches without changing the events themselves, we arrived at the realization that "the best works are those that convey the allure of photographic art while protecting the future of the earth."

At present, the environmental impact of paper and plastic use, as well as the challenge of global warming, is a shared concern. This idea of the "best" should be a standard passed down to the next generation of photographic artists. I also believe that the best printing media for the future is LIMEX, which is made from limestone.

In "Photo arts with SDGs," the work portrays the goals of SDGs through a single Chinese character, expressed via photographic art. I hope you will enjoy the creation of innovative works that I pumped a future-oriented "best," as perceived through my perspective.

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