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*These headlines are the latest products list of photograph artist Yumiko Suga.

Creativity and Vitality

■Project09: Reframing II Photo arts with SDGs

Production period:From November 2018 –
Approx. 50works
On display at 2nd Ashiya Second Modernism Exhibition 2023 in From September 22nd to September 27th, 2023
Coverage / shooting location:Japan

In this work, we shift our focus towards what "best" should mean in the future. Through the lens of Reframing, altering perspectives and approaches without changing the events themselves, we arrived at the realization that "the best works are those that convey the allure of photographic art while protecting the future of the earth."In "Photo arts with SDGs," the work portrays the goals of SDGs through a single Chinese character, expressed via photographic art. I hope you will enjoy the creation of innovative works that I pumped a future-oriented "best," as perceived through my perspective.

■Project09: Reframing II 持続可能な写真アート

制作期間:2018年11月 –

今回の作品は、未来においてどうあるべきかに焦点をあて、その事象を変えずに見方考え方を変えるReframingの結果、「地球の未来を守りながら写真アートの魅力を伝えられる作品がベストである」という考えにたどり着いた。「Reframing *持続可能な写真アート」では、SDGsの目的を漢字一字にしたため写真アートで表現した作品。私の考える未来思考型のベストで新しい作品づくりを楽しんでほしい。

Creativity and Vitality

■Project08: Blueprints Contrast Light and Shade

Production period:From January 2021 –
Approx. 40 works
On display at Ashiya Photo Association member’s Exhibition 2022 in From March 2nd to March 6th, 2022
Coverage / shooting location:Kanto region

It's 2022. The acronym "VUCA"; volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, frequently discussed in the 1990s, presented a premonition that became a reality. Our situation now is in chaos, complicated, and unpredictable. In a way, the state of world affairs made it more timely for me to reflect on my own half-century of life.I tried to draw a blueprint of my life here on this occasion.Cyanotypes: the process utilizing photo-sensitivity of an iron-salt solution rather than silver-salt solution, worked well for expressing winding ruts of my half-century of life. The shade of cyan blue results from its chemical reaction. It depends on the light source, including the rays of the sun. This shading is a lot like my life. I never chose any particular color. I just concentrated my way of life itself into the photographs here.

■Project08: 青写真が放つ、光の明暗

制作期間:2021年1月 –
「芦屋写真協会会員展 2022」にて展示(2022年3月2日~3月6日)

2022年。今や1990年代に予想された「VUCA」が現実のものとなった。私たちが生きる環境は混沌とし、複雑化を増し、まさに予測不可能な状況にある。半世紀の蛇行する轍を表現するため、プリントに際しては、非銀塩写真の「サイアノタイプ」(鉄塩の感光性を利用した技法)を用いた。 要するに日光写真だ。青色の濃淡として写る部分が、太陽光をはじめとする光源によって多様な化学反応を生む。光の明暗は、そのまま人生に置き換えられる。赤の空間、青の空間のどちらかを選択したのではない。自身の生き方そのものがこの作品に収れんされているのだ。

Creativity and Vitality

■Project07: Reframing I Unraveling the Art of Gaudi's Architecture

Production period:From January 2019 –
Approx. 50 works
On display at 2nd Ashiya Second Modernism Exhibition 2023 in From September 22nd to September 27th, 2023
Solo Exhibition at Nine Gallery in From October 17th to October 22nd, 2023
Coverage / shooting location:Barcelona,Spain / Japan

Focuses on the artistic essence embedded within Gaudí's architecture. It presents a fresh endeavor to unravel the roots of art by isolating his innovative designs and vivid representations of nature. To accentuate the allure of innovative designs , I adopted a three-dimensional approach in monochrome. As for the vivid depictions of nature , I used color prints to capture the essence of life. I hope you will enjoy the novelty of disentangling Gaudí's artistic expressions into inorganic and organic elements, amplifying their charm, and a moment of contrast between the best contemporary media and the best future-thinking media for his works.

■Project07: Reframing I ガウディ建築の芸術を紐解く

制作期間:2019年6月 –
Nine Galleryにて個展(2023年10月17日~10月22日)
取材・撮影場所:スペイン バルセロナ / 日本

ガウディ建築物の中に折り込まれている芸術性に焦点をあて、その独創的な造形と色鮮やかな自然物とに分離し芸術の根源を紐解く新しいチャレンジをしてみた。 独創的な造形についてはその魅力をより際立たせるためモノクロで立体的な作品づくりをし、鮮やかな自然物についてはその息吹を感じるカラープリントで作品づくりをした。ガウディ建築の芸術表現を無機物と有機物に紐解いてその魅力を強調させた新しい発想と、現代のベストメディアと未来思考型のベストメディアによる作品対比のひとコマを楽しんでほしい。

Creativity and Vitality

■Project06: Together With Meditation ~ A better day today and an even better day tomorrow ~

Production period:From January 2020 –
Approx. 20 works
On display at Ashiya Photo Association member’s Exhibition 2021 in From March 3rd to March 7th, 2021
Coverage / shooting location:Musashi Province

Meditation calms you down and resets your ordinary thoughts. You would be deeply relaxed after immersing yourself in all “five senses” while the bustle of the city keeps bothering you.This time I found the best places to meditate and my works express the directions to step forward from yesterday to a better day today, and to an even better day tomorrow.To pass down the subjects my lends was focused on to the next generation, I used films and printed them in silver halide process. My works will hopefully open the door for the coming generation to meet a new world.

■Project06: 瞑想とともに ~昨日より今日、今日より明日~

制作期間:2020年1月 –
「芦屋写真協会会員展 2021」にて展示(2021年3月3日~3月7日)


Creativity and Vitality

■Project05: Creativity and Vitality

Production period:Jun 2008 – July 2019
Approx. 20 works
On display at " Hen’ai 7(Partial love 7) " in From July 16th to July 21th, 2019
Coverage / shooting location:Tohoku region

I believe that vitality comes from creativity. Lack of creativity means lack of vitality. When we get dispirited we also lose our clear thinking. Creating something new encourages evolving ourselves.
To express full of creativity and vitality in my photographs, I used classic technique “salt print”.  I hope my works tell the future generation what are the meanings of creativity and vitality.

■Project05: 創造力と生命力



A Puzzle Piece of My Journey

■Project04: A Puzzle Piece of My Journey

Production period:From January 2013 –
Approx. 50 works
On display at Kansai onaeba 2019 in September 13th to September 15th, 2019
Coverage / shooting location:Tokaido

I named this project “Hz” as I believe everything has frequency waves. Invisible and inaudible waves gradually appear. People in the past built shrines where they felt something spiritual. Now I feel tremor and leave it as it is in my picture which will hopefully pass the imagination of all things God exists to the next generation.

■プロジェクト04: 謎解きの欠片

制作期間:2013年1月 –


My Small Steps Forward

■Project03: My Small Steps Forward

Production period:From April 2018 –
Approx. 20 works
On display at Taipei Art Photo 2018 in From November 9th to November 13th, 2018
Coverage / shooting location:Yokohama-City Kanagawa Prefecture

I started with choosing flowers at a market and kept on talking to the objects all through the procedure to the finishing. I listened to my heart. Being honest to myself was sometimes challenging.
“Bouquet of Flowers” by Odilon Redon and “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh inspired me and I got interested in creating a new artistic exbookion, a fusion of photography and oil painting. I believe that the ambrotype using a classic technique of wet plate collodion photography will add something new to your worldview.

■プロジェクト03: 私の小さな挑戦の軌跡

制作期間:2018年4月 –
Taipei Art Photo 2018にて展示(2018年11月9日-11月13日)

花の仕入れからアレンジメント、撮影に至るまで、常に被写体と対話し続けながら仕上げました。 私は心を澄ましてひたすらに花と向き合い、可能な限り素直な自分に戻ってレンズを向けました。いかに素直な心になれるか、それが私の小さな挑戦でもありました。

My Small Steps Forward

■Project02: A Grateful Smile

Production period:From April 2018 –
Approx. 20 works
On display at KG+2022 in From April 30th to May 8th 2022
Coverage / shooting location:Japan

Kokeshi was always there with me and shared joys and sorrows with each other. Kokeshi had healed my mind and I had felt comfortable as if I was wrapped with velvety cotton at that time. Kokeshi has stayed far away from the digital age. She has stayed the same as she was back then. The craftsman’s spirit is put into her. The reunion with “her” touched my heart. Nowadays, information of digitals and words has saturated our daily lives and we are exhausted from them. The smiling face of Kokeshi brings us peace and quiet. Now it is my turn to give what I got from Kokeshi back. I have released the shutter with my thoughts of Kokeshi.

■プロジェクト02: 小さな彼女への、微笑み返し

制作期間:2018年4月 –

「こけし」はいつも私の傍らにいて、喜びや哀しみを共にしてくれていた。一緒にいると、まるで真綿に包まれているかのような、私は日々そんな癒しを感じていたのだ。 「彼女」との再会が、私の心を動かした。液晶画面や電磁波や電子音と無縁な一人の少女には、職人の魂がしっかりと込められている。その微笑みは、デジタルや言葉の氾濫に疲弊した私たちの心に、穏やかな安息をもたらしてくれる。今度は私が、彼女たちに恩返しをする番だ、そう思って私は今、シャッターを切っている。

Deep breathing

■Project01: Deep breathing shows something

Production period:April 2015 – January 2018 
Approx. 20 works
On display at " Making of a beautiful bridge " in From February 27th to March 4th, 2018
Coverage / shooting location:Nagano-City Nagano Prefecture, Ome-City Tokyo

In this project, I focused on importance of breathing. We need to breathe. I truly realized that our unconscious action of breathing is the necessity of life. My works exbook how I engaged my mind to each and every cell in my body to really face myself.

■プロジェクト01: Deep breathing shows something

" Making of a beautiful bridge "にて展示(2018年2月27日-3月4日)