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*These headlines are the latest products list of photograph artist Yumiko Suga.

My Small Steps Forward

■Project05: Creativity and Vitality


Production period:Jun 2008 –
Coverage / shooting location:Tohoku region

I believe that vitality comes from creativity. Lack of creativity means lack of vitality. When we get dispirited we also lose our clear thinking. Creating something new encourages evolving ourselves. It operates upon our soul to be indomitable. I always try to imagine building a house on the wasteland. It is a “challenge” to train my spirit which is the core of myself, and to live a stronger life. Creativity holds the basis of a man.
To express full of creativity and vitality in my photographs, I used classic technique “salt print”.  I hope my works tell the future generation what are the meanings of creativity and vitality.

■Project05: 創造力と生命力

制作期間:2008年6月 –


My Small Steps Forward

■Project04: A Puzzle Piece of My Journey


Production period:January 2013 –
Coverage / shooting location:Tokaido

I named this project “Hz” as I believe everything has frequency waves. Invisible and inaudible waves gradually appear. People in the past built shrines where they felt something spiritual. Now I feel tremor and leave it as it is in my picture which will hopefully pass the imagination of all things God exists to the next generation.

■プロジェクト04: 謎解きの欠片

制作期間:2013年1月 –


My Small Steps Forward

■Project03: My Small Steps Forward


Production period:April 2018 –
Coverage / shooting location:Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture

I started with choosing flowers at a market and kept on talking to the objects all through the procedure to the finishing. I listened to my heart. Being honest to myself was sometimes challenging.
“Bouquet of Flowers” by Odilon Redon and “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh inspired me and I got interested in creating a new artistic exbookion, a fusion of photography and oil painting. I believe that the ambrotype using a classic technique of wet plate collodion photography will add something new to your worldview.

■プロジェクト03: 私の小さな挑戦の軌跡

制作期間:2018年4月 –

花の仕入れからアレンジメント、撮影に至るまで、常に被写体と対話し続けながら仕上げました。 私は心を澄ましてひたすらに花と向き合い、可能な限り素直な自分に戻ってレンズを向けました。いかに素直な心になれるか、それが私の小さな挑戦でもありました。

Deep breathing

■Project01: Deep breathing shows something

Production period:From April 2015 until January 2018
Coverage / shooting location:Nagano-shi Nagano-shi,Ome City, Tokyo

In this project, I focused on importance of breathing. We need to breathe. I truly realized that our unconscious action of breathing is the necessity of life. My works exbook how I engaged my mind to each and every cell in my body to really face myself.

■プロジェクト01: Deep breathing shows something