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Born in 1971, Yumiko Suga is a photographer from Kanagawa, Japan. In her childhood, she often visited her grandparents in a forest with abundant greenery and wood to produce fine Japanese handiworks. She gradually got interested in Japanese traditional craft. Yumiko started her career as a spatial designer and a producer of restaurants around 2004 and also began learning flower arrangement in 2006 after realizing that flowers had strong potential for lifting her spirit. The power of flowers resonated with her deeply. Now she believes that living in lush green nature makes us energetic and healthful both physically and mentally.
After a while, the profundity of photography attracted Yumiko and since 2010, she has been participating joint exhibitions. In 2015, started publishing a project of her artistic photography works. In 2018, she attended FotoFest 2018 "Meeting Place" Portfolio Review in Huston, Texas.She has been trying to introduce not only Japanese traditional handiworks but also the process and the craftsmanship to the next generation through her photographs.


やがて2010年頃から、「写真」という表現ツールの奥深さに興味を抱き、いくつかのグループ展へ参加。2015年、写真をテーマにした芸術作品を制作、プロジェクトの発表を開始。2018年には、米国ヒューストンの「Fotofest 2018 "Meeting Place" Portfolio Review 」に参加。現在では、日本の伝統工芸品をはじめ、それらを造り出す人やその製作過程に目を向け、写真を通じて広く発信することで、その営みを次世代に継承することを目指した芸術作品作りに取り組んでいる。

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