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* This project thema is "My Small Steps Forward".

Flowers reflect my feelings and senses. I sometimes feel as if I see “myself” there. It all started when I came up with an idea that flowers could be portraits of my true self.

Matsuo Basho, a Japanese poet remarked “Learn pine from pine. Learn bamboo from bamboo.” It means that we should face the object itself not to be swayed by stereotypes but to look beneath the surface. I started with choosing flowers at a market, and then arranged them by myself. I kept on talking to the objects all though the procedure to the finishing. When I focused on them, I always listened to my heart and showed what I really was. The moment I felt a sense of unity with the flowers, I released the shutter. This process of being honest to myself had been a kind of challenge to step forward.

All my works are ambrotypes using the classic technique of wet plate collodion photography. “Bouquet of Flowers” by Odilon Redon and “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh inspired me and I got interested in creating a new artistic exbookion, a fusion of photography and oil painting. I painted air flows with a brush to make the framed scenes more vibrant. I don’t expect my works to speak out. They might reflect your true colors. I would be grateful if this opportunity could add something new to your worldview.

* This project thema is "私の小さな挑戦の軌跡".


俳人の松尾芭蕉は、 「松のことは松に習え 竹のことは竹に習え」という言葉を残しています。言い換えれば、物事の本質を知りたければ、 想像や既成概念に捉われることなく、対象となるものに直接向き合うことだ、という意味です。作品は、花の仕入れからアレンジメント、撮影まで、まさに被写体と対話し続けながら仕上げました。 私は心を澄ましてひたすらに花と向き合い、可能な限り素直な自分に戻ってレンズを向けました。やがて、被写体と私が一体となった、そう感じた瞬間にシャッターを切りました。いかに素直な心になれるか、それは私の小さな挑戦でもありました。


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