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* This project thema is "Deep breathing shows something".

Breathing is the most important thing for all of us. We have to breathe to live. None of us could survive without it. But I guess many of us don’t care about how we breathe.
Imagine you are in the forest. Your way of breathing might be deep. And imagine you are in your office and busy working. You might breathe fast and shallow. Your feeling is completely different from situation to situation. I always focus on how I breathe. I breathe with the image that all my cells in my body is generating. I feel it gives strength back to my body. By doing so, I try to stay calm and peaceful. I do believe that there is something invisible in this world. I want to say that what you see isn’t everything.

Shrines in Japan are built in sacred places. People have protected and enshrined those places as fields of Shinto gods. These fields are invisible and may not always be there. But people believe in them and feel them there. We value religious veneration like that. It is believed that there are many sacred places other than shrines where Shinto gods could descend. When I visit those places, I try to take a deep breath and take in all the energy throughout my body. I feel like I can communicate with all invisible things there. When I look through the finder of my camera, I feel something invisible in the air. I feel to get some power from there. It is the moment that my heart is cleansed. I try to capture the spiritual moment and want to exbook it in my photographs.

Nowadays, the spiritual-place-tour is popular among young people. I imagine that they believe information from the internet and expect to get good energy. I want them to take a deep breath and cleanse their body and soul there. I hope they will have the same feeling as me.

* This project thema is "Deep breathing shows something".




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Primary Specification

      Archival Pigment Print
      Signed on the recto
      paper: 483 x 329 mm (19.02 x 12.95)inch image: 400 x 267 mm (15.74 x 10.51”)
      Edition 5