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* This project thema is "Creativity and Vitality".

It has been 11 years or so since I started my photo shooting trip. One day unexpectedly huge tsunami attacked Tohoku. The beautiful quiet sea completely changed and took precious lives outright. 8 years have passed since then. Although the land used to be muddy brown all over as everything was destroyed by surged waves, it has been slowly but surely getting greener. A sufferer in the area said “Wood gives us pillars. Pillars give us a house.” His voice stays with me and tells me that energy of life is still there.

In Shintoism, “Kegare” means exhausted life. Ke means spirit and Kare / Gare means withering up. To recover from such situation, salt is traditionally regarded as a power source in Japan. It is said that salt purifies our spirits. By a strange coincidence, salt from the sea now keeps us going on.

I believe that vitality comes from creativity. Lack of creativity means lack of vitality. When we get dispirited we also lose our clear thinking. Creating something new encourages evolving ourselves. It operates upon our soul to be indomitable. I always try to imagine building a house on the wasteland. It is a “challenge” to train my spirit which is the core of myself, and to live a stronger life. Creativity holds the basis of a man.

To express full of creativity and vitality in my photographs, I used classic technique “salt print”. I hope my works tell the future generation what are the meanings of creativity and vitality.

* This project thema is "創造力と生命力".





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