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* This project thema is "Blueprints Contrast Light and Shade".

It's 2022. The acronym "VUCA"; volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, frequently discussed in the 1990s, presented a premonition that became a reality. Our situation now is in chaos, complicated, and unpredictable. In a way, the state of world affairs made it more timely for me to reflect on my own half-century of life.

My present series of artworks focus on going back and forth between abstraction and concreteness. I tried to draw a blueprint of my life here on this occasion.

I used both a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with the latest high light sensitivity and a film camera from which I developed photographs in a darkroom. My works from both cameras saved the data as a "record "that I would like to pass down to the next generation. I wonder in what way these two types of photography will be perceived as distinguished from each other.

I consider that abstract thoughts grasp the true nature of things while concrete ones provide a clearer understanding. I made sun prints of the objects that I took after sunset. On the other hand, I traced back to my past and captured images of the place where I used to live. Creatively developing those negatives in a darkroom resulted in an exquisite gloom color scheme. Each blueprint appears to be different depending on my varied approach.

Cyanotypes: the process utilizing photo-sensitivity of an iron-salt solution rather than silver-salt solution, worked well for expressing winding ruts of my half-century of life. The shade of cyan blue results from its chemical reaction. It depends on the light source, including the rays of the sun. This shading is a lot like my life. I never chose any particular color. I just concentrated my way of life itself into the photographs here.

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