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■Photobook01: Extreme

Production period:From October 12th to December 24th, 2017
Production content:
1.Posted photos: 55 cut(All 56 pages)
2.Photo size:A5size

My photobook "Extreme" is the essence of photographs of almost 10 years by spring 2017 which includes photographs taken at Canon EOS School. Some of them were exhibited at school exhibition. Also it icludes some photographs which I took with my classmate and others were exhibited in an exhibition which I hold with my friends. This photobook is the summary of memorable photographs.

タイトル: Extreme

写真集「Extreme」は、Canon EOS学園時代も含めて2017年春までのおよそ10年分の一部をまとめた写真集です。56ページの内、数点は講座の修了展に出展した作品もあります。また、同期生と一緒に行った撮影会や写真仲間で開催した写真展の写真など、思い出の多い作品の総集編となっています。

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