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Yumiko Gallery|Avtivity|Kansai Onaeba 2019, Japan

■Kansai Onaeba 2019, Japan

Participation period:From September 13th to September 15th, 2019
place:Kaigan Dori Gallery CASO, Japan

I publicized Project 4 named "A Puzzle Piece of My Journey" at Kansai-Onaeba 2019. I received a Goshuin of Ichinomiya 6 years ago, which is a red stamp of the highest rank shrine, and that was the very start of my journey to visit Ichinomiya shrines in Japan. Why is the people attracted to Shinto Shrine? A puzzle piece of my journey might be an answer of this question.

■関西御苗場 2019


* Participated at Kansai Onaeba 2019

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