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Yumiko Gallery|Activity|Yokohama onaeba 2019, Japan

■Yokohama onaeba 2019, Japan

Participation period:From February 28th to March 3th, 2019
place:Osanbashi Hall

I attended "Kan Mimura's Let's make a photobook" three times in which class we could learn about Calotype photography and I could produce three photobooks in total. I truly appreciate that I could create an artwork of series so that I decided to publicize my artwork at Yokohama-Onameba 2019 to express my gratitude, joy and dream. I hope everyone who came to see my artwork enjoy and understand the way I feel.

■横浜御苗場 2019

横浜御苗場2019では、カロタイプ の「三村漢ゼミ~写真集を作ろう~」に3回受講し、写真集を3冊作り、作品をまとめる事ができた日々への謝恩の気持ちを形にしました。

* Participated at Yokohama onaeba 2019

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