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* This project thema is "A Puzzle Piece of My Journey".

Shinto priest was one of my dream careers. I loved unique atmosphere inside the shrines. Six years ago, it all started when I received a red ink seal Goshuin with the signature of “Ichinomiya” written in calligraphy. From the day on, I have been going around Ichinomiyas, shrines of the highest status, and trying to find out why shrines attract Japanese people. “Hz” is a puzzle piece of my journey to the answer.

A Shinto shrine was originally an altar for a seasonal festival. People built permanent structures afterwards to house many different sacred objects. Japanese people believe that a deity lives in every single thing such as a river, a rock, a tree and ocean although we can never see it. We just feel it and enshrine it. This way of thinking has been passed on as a culture. I encounter people, places, sceneries, climate and whatever I see becomes a data which tells me the next direction to proceed. I receive the data, sort the information, think about it, feel it, talk with it and then release a shutter. It is a destiny not a coincidence.

I named this project “Hz” as I believe everything has frequency waves. Invisible and inaudible waves gradually appear. People in the past built shrines where they felt something spiritual. Now I feel tremor and leave it as it is in my picture which will hopefully pass the imagination of all things God exists to the next generation.

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Primary Specification

      Archival Pigment Print
      Signed on the recto
      paper: 483 x 329 mm (19.02 x 12.95)inch image: 400 x 267 mm (15.74 x 10.51”)
      Edition 5