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* This project thema is "Together With Meditation

~ A better day today and an even better day tomorrow ~".

2020, the year of COVID-19. The pandemic shut down the world and changed our  personal relationships in unprecedented ways, to the ones with distortion.

And yet, I walked forward slowly along with the days going by and I realized the importance of emptiness, innocence, assimilation, prayer and devotion.

Meditation calms you down and resets your ordinary thoughts. You would be deeply relaxed after immersing yourself  in all “five senses” while the bustle of the city keeps bothering you.Listen  to the wind, smell the flowers and feel the sun.  Focusing on the here and now, you would face yourself  and relieve your brain fatigue.Reduce negative thoughts and practice positive thoughts. That will bring us a richer life and peaceful days.

This time I found the best places to meditate and my works express the directions to step forward from yesterday to a better day today, and to an even better day tomorrow.To pass down the subjects my lends was focused on to the next generation, I used films and printed them in silver halide process. My works will hopefully open the door for the coming generation to meet a new world.

* This project thema is "瞑想とともに ~昨日より今日、今日より明日~".






      I used a large format of 8 x 10 cm. In photography, we consider both Latent image and Visible image. Latent image is present in invisible. It is produced by the exposure to light of a photographic film.
      I actually see a huge potential here. After developing the film and fixing on printing paper, it becomes visible at last. This process through the latent image is the greatest feature of film photographs.


      Awareness ; the state of being conscious, without any judgement or evaluation in the present moment.
      Mindfulness Based Meditation
      Japan Institute for Mindfulness in Leadership